Friday, November 11, 2011

Jerry Angelo was college roommates with Jerry Sandusky

"We always have our lines in the water so-to-speak, talking about extensions or re-signing our players,”  said Angelo.  “That’s just business as usual. That’s always ongoing. Hopefully we’ll have something to announce at some point. When I say we always have lines in the water, I can’t tell you exactly when we’re going to be able to initiate meaningful conversations. In Roberto’s case, it happened in a 24-48-hour span, and you can’t really predict it.”
“As I said on our radio pre-game show Monday night, Matt was the only player we targeted and we made him what I feel is a very lucrative offer on a contract extension [after the lockout ended]. The deal did not get done, but we definitely want Matt to play many more years with the Bears. Any suggestion otherwise simply is not true. We buy into Matt as both a player and a person.” - Jerry Angelo

Ok thats not true but I bet Angelo diddles kids all on his own.  Here he is saying more of the same no doubt trying to paint himself as not the bad guy.  I am so torn between wanting the Bears to be good and wanting to suck so we can get rid Angelo.  It has to happen sometime, but a 4-12 season stings so hard every Sunday

He’ll turn 26 in December, when he’ll near the end of his four-year, $3.7 million rookie contract with the Bears. A second-round pick in 2008, Forte makes $600,000 this season, the league minimum for a player with his NFL experience. His current backup, Marion Barber(notes), is making $2.25 million this season, and his previous backup, Chester Taylor(notes), walked away with $7 million because the Bears terminated his four-year deal after just one season in September.
Forte is on pace to threaten Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson’s record of 2,509 yards from scrimmage set in 2009. 

Running backs' production since 2008
Adrian PetersonVikings1,127/ 5,239116/ 1,0271,243/ 6,26651
Chris JohnsonTitans1,032/ 4,900164/ 1,1681,196/ 6,06839
Matt ForteBears935/ 3,908209/ 1,9141,144/ 5,82228

Most yards from scrimmage, 2011
Matt ForteBearsRB71,0911626.7
Fred JacksonBillsRB71,0741596.8
Steve SmithPanthersWR89364819.5
Adrian PetersonVikingsRB89231835.0
LeSean McCoyEaglesRB78921585.6

-Les Anderson

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