Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Martz wants ASU job, I want Tice to be named OC immediately

Rumor has it Bears offensive coordinator is lobbying for the head coaching vacancy at Arizona State. So the writing is on the wall that Martz is gone after this season. In fact, he turned down a contract extension last offseason.

And this is more than fine with me, except I have one thing to add. Martz should be let go of his duties immediately. If he wants to go lobby for a college gig, then fine let him. Mike Tice should be the offenseive coordinator going forward anyways. The Bears have been more run oriented then pass oriented going back to the middle of last season.

Its not going out on a limb to say Tice is the better fit for the Bears. Its the reason the Bears front office turned down the Vikings request last season to interview Tice for their OC position. And its usually unheard of to decline a coach the chance to interview for a higher position with another organization.

That is how highly Tice is thought of within the Bears organization. He has worked miracles with the offensive line. Now the time has come for Tice to be in charge of the entire offense.

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