Thursday, November 10, 2011

So the Victorias Secret show happened

Here is backstage account by some dude from the USA today, or maybe a chick who knows I sure as shit wasnt there.

NEW YORK – It's unmistakable when Kanye West walks into a room — particularly when that room is the backstage lair of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

That son of a bitch must know he can stick his dick in damn near anything he wants

Inside the New York State Armory, between tables covered with makeup, hair spray and extensions, he's greeting Doutzen Kroes. Chatting with Chanel Iman. Hugging Alessandra Ambrosio.

Clad in a pink silk robe before the show, Iman laughed over the singer's magnetism. "Everybody just ran to one side of the room! It was crazy," she said. "But Kanye is Kanye. He's doing his thing."

Haha Ya just Kanye doing Kanye, must be nice to have the top models in world run over at attention like you are a fireman at career day (can you feel the bitter jealousy in my tone).   He is probably taking very specific mental notes on which one he wants to bang over the other ones.  "Well this one's laugh gets annoying when something is really funny, but is cute when something mildly funny.  Note to self dont be too funny.  Ok but this one's ass is crazy, but she seem like she could be a story teller.  I hate story tellers, I run out of stuff in the background to look at.  Ok keep going Kanye, momma always said dont buy a car till you see the whole lot.  "

West was gearing up for a big night of performances alongside Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj, who pumped up the crowd — and the models — at the VS show taping Wednesday and airing Nov. 29 on CBS (10 p.m. ET/PT). The event drew celebrities such as Tyson Beckford, Cuba Gooding Jr., Russell SimmonsMichael Bay andStephen Dorff. Before the show, the models agreed the party was bigger and better than ever

Jesus nice crew of creeps.  You got Michael Bay and Stephan Dorff going right after the newest girls like the the seniors who used to go right after the freshman the first week of school.  They were in 8th grade 3 months ago, take it easy guy.  Russel Simmons standing around knowing he will attract a model that is very career minded in that she is willing to fuck Simmons and pretend to be into 18th century far eastern literature so that Simmons maybe can fund a line of hand made belts and scarves she has made up in her head that will totally jump start her to become the new Tyra.  Cuba Gooding Jr is there for scraps probably.  He probably just gets drunk and as loud as possible and do his best black guy mixed with Robin Williams impression and hope for the best.  And Tyson Beckford is the man and is dating one of the models.

Lily Aldridge, who married Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill in May, called married life "the best. It's different in a good way. You're family."

Kerr, who is married to Orlando Bloom and gave birth in January, said motherhood "puts everything into perspective. He's the most important thing in my life. He's such a ball of light and love."

Caleb Followill and Orlando Bloom huh?  What no bloggers?

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2011 victorias secret fashion show erin heatherton victorias secret  erin_heatherton_2011_victorias_secret_fashion_show_24

-Les Anderson

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