Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sometimes you just have rage

Leonard Tyrell Young, a basketball player at NAIA Division II Fresno Pacific, went on a wild rampage on Monday night after learning that he was kicked off the school’s basketball team, according to The Fresno Bee on Tuesday.
The newspaper said that Young, 21, ran naked through a convenience store parking lot, beat a police officer and police dog while also trying to steal a police car.  The report said that he was hit with a taser three times before he was subdued.
The Bee also cited witnesses who said he “assaulted” two women in the process, and pounded on the convenience store’s glass and other cars in the parking lot in an obvious rage.

I love when people go out with a bang.  He got all primed and ran through streets solo grabbing titties and breaking shit.  It sounds awesome, it really does.  
You should be able to pay money at some fantasy camp that would resemble like an old western film set except everything is modern and there are actual actors around making it look like a typical friday night.  Then you get as fucked up as possible and walk the streets doing exactly what ever the fuck you would in your wildest dreams.  (Puts hand over mouth) And no would mind if some of those actresses were more than actresses If you know what im sayin (will smith voice).

-Les Anderson

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