Monday, November 21, 2011

Sooo Yeah.... Cutler's out 6-8 weeks

I want to write about how Caleb Hanie can lead us to a 4-2 finish over these last 6 games and that Cutler can come back and lead us to victory vs either the Saints, Giants or Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs. I really do. But it won't happen and that sucks. What I do find amusing is that these same people who are saying Hanie is the next Wally Pip/Tom Brady are the same motherfuckers who predicted before the season started that the Bears would go 7-9 or worse.

Its pathetic. Its embarrassing.... and its over. The season is a complete disaster now. Not because I don't we can make the playoffs but because I don't think we can win a playoff game. And that's all that is important these days. We were on our way to being a top 3 team in the NFC. We were legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Now we are the 1994 Bears led by Steve Walsh. A good, but not great defense and a now one dimensional offense.

So, its a shitty situation for a once promising team. What makes it worse is the fact that our biggest rival is creating a dynasty right before our very eyes. I hate to say it but the Packers are one more  Super Bowl win away from being compared to the 1970's Steelers, the 1980's 49ers, the mid 90's Cowboys and the '00s Patriots. They are that good and that young.

So now we have to scratch out 3 wins over the next 6 games. Broncos, Chiefs, Seahawks and Vikings are all win-able games. Even the Raiders are beatable this weekend. But unless the Bears can sign a veteran QB like Kurt Warner (never gonna happen) this team is destined for one and done in the playoffs. Fuuucckkk.

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