Monday, November 28, 2011

Stevie Johnson did the best touchdown dance ever yesterday.

"The Plaxico" is a great TD dance, kinda surprised no one did it yet. Also, I wish this would become Steve Johnson's thing.

Like everytime, he actually hung onto a touchdown pass, he would imitate the opponents crimes. Kill a dog vs the Eagles, assault a girl in a bathroom stall vs the Steelers, maybe even pretend to stab someone vs the Ravens. Although he may want to stay away from offending defensive players and just stick to jabs at pussies like Plaxico.

He also may want to learn how to not drop game winning passes. But whatever, Stevie is good for the game. We needed someone to step up their showmanship after Chad OchoCinco retired. Oh, he didn't retire?, ouch... kill yourself Chad...catching balls in Cincinnati isn't looking so bad now huh?

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