Monday, November 28, 2011

UFC's Chael Sonnen continues to impress me....

In a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Sonnen went after the UFC’s #1 sweetheart, Ocatgon girl Arianny Celeste. Sonnen will co-host the 2nd annual World MMA Awards and was asked who he was pulling for in the Ring Girl of the Year category.

We only had one and that was Chandella [Powell]. The other was the IQ card girl. Arianny [Celeste] kind of walks around and holds up her latest test score. One time when there was a title fight, she got all the way up to five and we were very proud of her.

This is one of the most random beefs I can remember. Octagon girls have had minor spats with fighters in the past, but nothing quite as insulting as this. Arianny, like an modern woman would, responded on Twitter.

Then Chael responded.

Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl!

Say what you will about Sonnen's personality, but at least he knows how to bring attention to the sport. I'm not sure why Sonnen is beefing with Celeste's hot ass but I also don't really care. His wit is above that of most other fights. Now, he just needs to beat Anderson Silva, which won't be as easy as picking on a 90lb chick.

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