Friday, November 18, 2011

We have a Penn State at Syracuse

ESPNTwo former Syracuse University ball boys say they were molested by associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine, starting in the late 1970s and continuing into the 1990s. Police in Syracuse said they have opened an investigation into the allegations. And in a statement Thursday night, Syracuse said it has placed Fine on administrative leave. One alleged victim, Bobby Davis, now 39, told Outside the Lines that Fine molested him beginning in 1984, shortly before Davis entered the seventh grade. Davis, the team’s ball boy for six years beginning in 1984, said the abuse occurred at Fine’s home, at the Syracuse basketball facilities, and on road trips, including the 1987 Final Four. The second alleged victim, Mike Lang, now 45, is Davis’ stepbrother and was also a ball boy for several years. He told Outside the Lines that Fine molested him starting when Lang was in fifth or sixth grade. Davis said Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim saw him in Fine’s hotel room on several of those road trips, but Davis said he never told Boeheim about the alleged abuse.

I might be an insensitive , immature asshole...check that, I'm definitely an insensitive immature asshole, but I say if you are 18 years old or older and are getting molested by a coach, then you are gay.... and you like it. Now I can sympathize for this alleged victim when he was 11,12,13,14 but once you have a drivers license and are able to vote ,then your old enough to stop getting bent over. Done, next case. 

PS- Are all chi-mo's old white men?.... Finally something other than prostate cancer to look forward to.

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