Thursday, December 15, 2011

Braun blaming positive test on Herpes.

Milwaukee Brewers superstar Ryan Braun, and the reigning National League MVP, recently tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs…The All-Star outfielder claims it’s all BS….and now RUMORS are swirling that Braun tested positive for herpes, and the totally-acceptable and legal medication given to him by his doctor caused the positive test

And the bad news keeps spreading for Braun. Get it. Ooohhh that is witty.  I hope he can get this "cleared up" as soon as possible. Oohhh puns are clever aren't they?

In Cubs news, the team put in a bid for Asian sensation, Yu Darvish, but I doubt they will be the highest bidder. If they are and the Cubs can somehow sign Prince, this team may be ready to win the central next year. The Cardinals and Brewers are significantly worse. The Reds have worse pitching than us right now and the Astros and Pirates are, well, the Astros and Pirates.

Like I said, its likely, but if I dont hold on to this possibility,  I may kill myself over the Bears collapse.

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