Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cups of the Rose 5 year $94 mil extension for Derrick

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- The Chicago Bulls have made it official: Reigning MVP Derrick Rose has agreed to a five-year contract extension.

The extension, which kicks in next season, was announced Wednesday. The contract is worth $94.8 million, a source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher on Tuesday.

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That video has been all over facebook but still gets me wet.  Hopefully video of the press conference to follow.  Derrick has the money the respect and now he needs the power.  I personally am scared of the Heat, but I'm also scared of spider egg sacks, catching a piece of fat in a bite of chicken, and losing my cable in storms.  So I'm a huge pussy in general, but the playoffs are long way away, I cant wait for Sunday as of now.

I was also just talking with my buddy Tazer and it would be nice if Rose could now get some semi famous or hot girlfriend.  He seems to hate the spotlight so may not be he thing, but he is getting better.  I expect his post game interviews this year to be near 90% comfortable

Supposedly this is his bird (Mieka Reese), and she is maybe pregnant and has worked for RocaWear as an intern and is in PR

Same girl, far left

This supposedly his old girl who has a twin sister (pictured) that dated Jordan's son who is also in the picture

If you are wondering where I get all this information, I subscribe to Tiger Meat.  Its like Tiger Beat but for teenage black girls.

-Les Anderson

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