Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Cutty Come Back' song really pisses me off

Three weeks ago I thought this Bears team was gonna give me a great Christmas present this year. That being a win over the Packers on X mas day to ruin their perfect season. It wouldn't have erased the bad memories from last years NFC Title game loss but it would have helped.

But now with injuries to Forte and Cuts, the season is lost. Caleb Hanie has ruined football for me for the rest of the season. I can't watch any games or anything to do with football because Im that upset about the turn of events that has taken place.

Its a sad day to be a Bears fan, no doubt. And when we started the season we knew this defense had one, maybe two years left in them, well, now we have to realize that maybe they have one season left in them now. Maybe. Because Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, and Tillman are all on the wrong side of 30.

Its depressing to think about. So are the last two losses. So is the fact that we will enter our 4th straight offseason with the same needs: OL and WR , and it will probably be addressed with the same ineptness that it was in previous years.

Now for Christmas Hannukah, I need Theo Epstein to deliver me Prince Fielder. Also if Reinsdorf can land Dwight Howard, that would be a nice stocking stuffer too.

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