Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dungy indicated to King that he believes Manning will either play for the Colts next season or he won’t play at all.  He explained to King that Manning is a creature of habit and he wouldn’t want to go play for another team and be forced to learn how to play with a whole new bunch of guys on offense.  He’d also likely have to learn a whole new offensive system.

Oh tony tony tone I believe you are speaking out of turn.  Between Archie Manning, all the talking heads, and now Dungy Peyton's head must be about to pop off.  I said in the offseason that I don't thing Manning will play again cause his neck is fucked like your sister at a kegger.  But if he can play and the Colts don't want him, I think he will take his talents elsewhere (possibly south beach).

He is not going to be like I am completely healthy but the Colts don't want me so I am taking my ball and going home.  Then Bill Polian goes, "actually that ball is our property" and takes it out of his hand as Manning runs out of the press conference crying (somehow I picture his arms at his side not moving either)

Dungy don't you have more important stuff to do or is your calendar clear after you Christian'd your gay son into killing himself. 
(now that what you call a zing)

-Les Anderson

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