Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gretzky Family, smiling is for pussies

Well you know what isnt for pussies Wayne?  Looking at pictures of your daughter online.  How do like that buddy?

Paulina and I are in love and as soon as she finds out things are going to be different around here Dad, can I call you dad? Wayne? The 3rd best Pro Star?

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There is a strong case to be made that she is the hottest daughter of any sports related person out there.  There is also a case to be made that this SOB with the good hair is her boyfriend and is probably wrist deep in her, no doubt glorious, vag right now, but I am going to pretend he is her gay best friend for the time being.

These pics are from her awesome twitter page, which The Great One had her shut down, but he must not be around right now cause she be tweetin again

-Les Anderson

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