Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gronkowski! Gronkowski! Gronkowski!

Gordy Gronkowski has raised three boys to not only college football scholarships, but NFL careers. Rob's with the Pats, Chris is a fullback with the Colts, and Dan is a tight end for the Browns

When Gordy Gronkowski's five boys were little, he used to line them up in the backyard and chuck tennis balls at them. Hard. At first, he knew, the boys would be scared. But to be good at sports, you can't be afraid of the ball. And so the balls would come, and the boys would have to catch them. Eventually, they did.
Gordy started this when the boys were 4 years old.
The boys got older. They got wiser. Their hands got softer and their skin got thicker.
So Gordy started hitting the balls at them. With a racquet.
He switched it up sometimes, hitting the balls way up into the air. Gordy wanted his five kids ready -- anytime, all the time. He wanted them to be mentally tough but quick.
"I started 'em on skates at 5 or 6 years," Gordy says. "They all could have played in the NHL."...
..."My brother's a big guy," says Gordy, speaking a mile a minute, with that great upstate New York accent. "My father was 6-3. Mom was 5-10. My brother, Glenn, was 6-8."
Gordy's great-grandfather, Ignatius, was an Olympic cyclist in the 1924 Games in Paris. His father was a top athlete, too. And Gordy played football at Syracuse...
...Gordy tells a story of how Chris would be napping and Rob would sneak up on him and "smack him in the face." Then, naturally, Chris would wake up and, like a sleeping bear, attack the threat. It got to the point where Gordy would put all the boys in a room with a bunch of pillows and tell them to go to town until they tired themselves out.  - Yahoo Sports

Sounds kind of fun actually.  Just checking tennis balls at moving targets.  Then having those targets be tiny dependents so they will love you anyway since you feed and shelter them.  What luck for a meathead like this to get 5 boys.  For all I know he had ten children but killed the baby girls at birth  Also no doubt in my mind he must have dumped girls cause they were too small to birth his children.  If he had any real sense he would have married a black chick. 

-Les Anderson

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