Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He at least they doesn't work at Perkin's

I posted about a lovely young lady named Jessica Burciaga a couple months ago mostly because she looks awesome.  But she had a sports tie in since she fucked Lance Moore, Miles Austin, and Shawn Merriman supposedly.  Well now she at the center of the Kobe Bryant divorce mess.  I wouldn't call it center, which would imply one hole was more important than the rest, as I would a long line of playmates, friends of the Kardashians, whores, college students, other players wives, your sister and her friends and any other girls who spends time on Earth.

Here is the girl on the left that is also been outed as temporary Kobe cum holder.  Her name is Carla DiBello and is producer on the Kardashian's show and can be best described as Snookie with normal height.

I doubt this messes with his game the way it did Tiger, but now he is going to take step back from the public eye and not do awesome photoshoots.  Damn you Vanessa Bryant! Damn you to Hell!

-Les Anderson

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