Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here you go facebook creeps

So I guess there was this loop hole where you could see albums of people you were not friends or have access to by flagging the album for inappropriate content.  Then Facebook would make the whole album available to you so that you could jerk off to **Delta Zeta in Cabo - SB '10** tag any inappropriate pics.

Well the jerk off the year did this to Zucks himself to expose the glitch.  The proper thing to do is mass text the rest of your frat this pertinent info, but apparently someones parents couldn't afford dues.

I have been gone for a while and missed a lot of barely important pop culture events, but lets rap for real here.  What happened in the past is behind us, and talking about it is for the birds...unless there is a shit load of blow around then talking about the past is awesome.

Peta is not going to be happy that he made some (average looking) nuggets out of the Charlie the Chicken here.  They will probably start a boycott on Facebook about it

Cant knock they guy for playing with his new puppy with girlfriend.  Thats 2 things he has on me

Thats his girl? Check that 1 thing

Post SkyRim shots.  Tied high score

Dinner club!!! YUM

Sushi rolling lessons with Margaret.  I could not figure it out! 

If only knew how more I matter

-Les Anderson

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