Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kells house up for sale

The $2.9M summertime foreclosure suit brought against him for allegedly avoiding payments could have something to do with it. As one would hope, the photography favors the outlandish, the most distinctive amenity being the indoor tropical lagoon-themed pool. Also on the 6-acre grounds— an artificial pond, and tennis and basketball courts. What little we can glean from the indoor shots suggests a taste for hokey mountain lodges. But alas, you need some kind of concept to tie together 22,000 sf of house. - Yahoo news

Seems being the King of R&B doesn't pay as well as it used to.  I have no clue why he isn't out there making the the music the world clearly wants to hear.   Especially in today's music climate of everyone being featured on everyone else's shit.  R.Kelly can sing a hook with the best of them so I dont get why...What did you say? What?..how old?  Well thats not so so young.  And he what? on her? Well thats weird.  OK nevermind.  Maybe his time has just passed.  New blood streets doing it up big, so thats that I guess.

-Les Anderson

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