Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Model walks into a moving airplane propeller... Wait, What?

MSNBCA Dallas-area model and editor lost her left hand and fractured her skull after she walked into the propeller of a small airplane following a flight to view Christmas lights over the weekend. Lauren Scruggs, 23, of Plano was in serious condition Monday at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas after the incident Saturday night.

Listen, Im sorry she lost her arm and I'm certainly sorry she fucked up her face but I'm not feeling sorry for her, like she got cancer or something. No, this bitch just walked off the plane directly into the moving  propeller. Like I'm gonna come off as an asshole for saying this, but I think she got what she deserved. That sounded bad. But thats how I feel. Those propellers make a lot of noise and are very visible. Its not like they sneak up on you. 

And for the record. I'm not buying that she's a model. Maybe for like a Kmart catelog but not a real one. I think she kinda looks like Chucky in a blonde wig. 

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