Thursday, December 8, 2011

More racist shenanigans....

YoutubeI caught him in the act of painting my evo, he spit on me, called me a gook, and put his hands on me….this is the end result. If you listen closely No direct threats were made towards him. He painted “12-7 USN” on the side of my car. the anniversary for the bombing on pearl harbor and usn= United States Navy.

 Apparently this old Navy Vet went around tagging Japanese cars yesterday in honor of 9-11... seems like a good time. But his fun was cut short when the owner of this vehicle caught him in the act and beat the shit out of him. I really wish we could of had video of the fight because he looks like he got a good ass beating. 

A real catch-22 here though. On one hand I like making fun of Asians, but on the other I hate trashy old people. Tough call.

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