Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ohio State 1 year bowl ban

Well I dont see how what they did is worse than what USC did.  Agreed Reggie BUsh took near a million dollars worth of shit, but no one at the school was found to know anything.  They were punished because they "should" have known and showed a lack of institutional control.  At OSU the head coach tried to hide what he knew.  Either way a 2 year ban would have been nice to slow down Urban Meyes eventual domination of the Big10.  But this news story does let me post this pics of Meyer which are pretty solid.
full story

Also I like how the NCAA is letting OSU have 2 coaching staffs right now, the old one and Meyer's new one.  SO while every other coach in the Big10 is busy getting ready for a bowl game OSU is doing that as well as getting the jump on recruiting with Urban running the show on that end.

And now for that, pics of Urban Meyer's Daughter


-Les Anderson

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