Friday, December 9, 2011

On her 23rd birthday, super-hot Emma Stone power-canoodled with boyfriend Andrew Garfield in the lobby of LA's Landmark Theatre just before attending "Tower Heist" -- but was interrupted by a gaggle of teen-ish girlies, who asked meekly: "Do you mind if we take a picture with you?" Instantly, Hollywood's new "It Girl" whirled on the girls and snarled: "Do you mind if I Don't!?" Here's the hearbreaker: Moments later, Stone stormed into the ladies' room to reapply her licked-off lipstick, looking lovingly at herself in the mirror -- ignoring one of the lassies she'd just snubbed, who was wiping away tears at the next basin! (Print Edition: November 28) - National Enquirer 

Am I the only guys that think this chick is super average and talks like a dude and is not that funny?  She can look hot (especially when she gets red carpeted up) but over all is average especially in hollywood and now she is huge star for the next 10 years easy.  She is not bad and above average.  I just dont get the craze.

I just looked at a bunch of pics and they are all red carpet pics and photo shoots and she looks pretty good.  But I am going to do me and not change my mind and stick to me story.  And when she starts getting more candid paparazzi pics out there looking haggard I'll have the last myself, in my 1 bedroom apt while she is probably not laughing at all in her mansion in LA with her movie star boyfriend.

-Les Anderson

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