Thursday, December 1, 2011

Report: Cubs expected to trade Garza

According to Jon Heyman of, opposing general managers believe the Cubs will trade Matt Garza.

It will take a significant package of players to get him, but the Cubs might find a match given the lack of quality starting pitchers available in free agency this offseason. Garza, 27, earned $5.95 million in 2011 while posting a 3.32 ERA and 197/63 K/BB ratio over 198 innings.

People were pissing and moaning last night over the Cubs signing David DeJesus. But the more I look at the numbers the more I like it. And the same people who hate this signing were the same people who quit on this team every June or July. My point is they aren't baseball people. They don't understand the nuances of the game. And they don't understand that every team needs glue guys. And DeJesus is a glue guy.

As for this news about Garza, it doesn't surprise me that Theo is shopping him. Garza is coming off his best year in the majors. His k/bb ratio is way out of whack with his career numbers and he is under team control through 2013. Making him on of the more valuable assets on the current roster. We can get more prospects for Garza than any other player minus Starlin Castro. 

Granted, he is our only solid starting pitcher. But Theo understands things are gonna get worse before they get better. And the quicker us fans figure that out, the more understanding we can be of these moves.

Dealing Garza is great sell high move. I mean does anyone expect Garza to get 200 strikeouts next year? Does anyone expect him to have an ERA under 3.30? No way. He had a career year last year and Theo is gonna turn that into a great deal for the Cubs.

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