Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sofia Vergara starting a new fashion trend


For having huge bombs and being older you would think that her lower half would have to be hidden and relatively disappointing.  That being said if it wasn't perfect no one would be mad considering the balance she is providing up top, but according these pictures she is perfect.  Sweet mother fucker I wonder if I could even look directly at her if she was naked or it would be just too bright for mere mortals to able to take in

Let this be lesson girls, be skinny with huge tots and perfect ass and wear see through pants as general day to day rule

see thru sofia vergara  sofia_vergara_see_through_black_tights_december_15_2011_7
see thru sofia vergara  sofia_vergara_see_through_black_tights_december_15_2011_6
see thru sofia vergara  sofia_vergara_see_through_black_tights_december_15_2011_8

-Les Anderson

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