Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Someone sent it to me, So I am going to do it to you

Not only is this at my alma mater, University at Iowa, it is also at the bar I used to work at.  And as much as we all know "no one partied like we did," it sure as shit seems like they know how to party just fine these days.

When I went there the dance hall part of the bar was filled with meth'd out weirdos, fat white chicks and uhh? ahh? football players? yes that's the political correct way to put it, I think?  Now it looks like there was more freshman tight ass than the Burge Hall Cafeteria. Add dance music aka Ecstasy to the mix and this party just broke my heart by happening 7 years too late. (looks for a drink)

-Les Anderson

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  1. Pull it together, Les: