Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special teams not paying what it used to

Bears Receiver Sam Hurd Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Purchase 5 To 10 Kilos Of Cocaine From A Federal Agent

Even though Chicago brought in Roy Williams this offseason, Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd may have been the more disappointing former Cowboy. Hurd has only eight catches (no touchdowns) all season, and he's staring down some major federal drug charges.
According to the Dallas Morning News, Hurd had been negotiating for the drugs in North Texas since his days as a Cowboy. He was arrested last night at a steakhouse in Chicago, and he'll be in federal court there today.
According to the affidavit, one of Hurd's associates had been negotiating a major drug buy with a criminal informant in July, which caused federal investigators to stop a vehicle that Hurd owned. They seized a bag full of marijuana and $88,000 in cash.
Later this year, per the complaint, Hurd's people resumed negotiations for the cocaine, and Hurd got involved face-to-face. He told the federal agent that he wanted to purchase five to ten kilos of cocaine, and 1,000 pounds of marijuana, per week, to deal in Chicago. He then allegedly received a kilo of coke from the agent, at which point they arrested him.
According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears know about the report but haven't acted on it yet. We'll update as we get new information. - Deadspin

As the article says he he has been a disappointment, so he knew he was probably going to get cut at the end of the season.  He was just diversifying his bonds in a shaky economy.  Football, weed, and coke is a good start to making your portfolio recession proof.  
Watch Hurd get jail time while Bernie Fine walks around fancy free cause the statute of limitations in child molestation is 5 years in New York.  That blows my mind.  So Fine can bang out any 5 year old he wants and if the kid doesn't talk by the time he is 10 years old there is no case?  
Well mind is blown and I can only assume every pedo in the US is making plans to move to New York. "I love the Big Apple, I always had a kinship with this city since I visited it after college, it has a certain energy that no where in the world has...And the loosest child rape laws around this side of Phuket.

I mean how was this guy not suspected years ago?  Every single adult male that is overweight with glasses should be on watch. Their lack of an attractive physical appearance lays in the fact that they don't have to make themselves presentable to those that they desire.  You think I enjoy keeping up this chiseled physique?  But all these 5s and 6s are not going to just bang anything 

-Les Anderson

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