Thursday, December 8, 2011

Theo living large in the Chi

(well thats disappointing)

T-Ep as I call him just bought a 3 million dollar place right by Wrigley.  Its 7,800 sq ft so ya, its big.  Not much of story here but there are pics of the house!  I guess P-Sharp, or Patrick Sharp as you would know him, tried to buy it before something screwed it up a week before closing.  Im guessing his girlfriend or mom didn't like the door handles in the den.

Full disclosure I dont care much about baseball but T-Ep answers question so candidly it blows my mind. No cliches and generalities, he is honest and says exactly what is wrong with who and where and what needs to be improved.  So I root for him and Chicago would be awesome with a playoff run, but a piece of me will die if the Cubs win a WS.

I guess all you fan boys know where to cry outside when the inevitable happens


Wow now thats a drinking area.  Seeing spaces like that make me want a beer so fucking bad.

-Les Anderson

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