Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is an an article that brings a smile to my face

Adam Lambert & Boyfriend Sauli Koskinen Arrested in Gay Bar Brawl | Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen, were both reportedly arrested in Helsinki early Thursday morning after reportedly getting into a dispute that led to a physical altercation at a bar. 

Lambert, 29, a formerAmerican Idol runner-up, and Koskinen, 26, a winner of the Finnish version of Big Brother, were held for questioning as local police looked into four possible assault offenses, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

They were reportedly released on Thursday afternoon. Koskinen then blogged about the incident, suggesting the pair had patched things up. 

"Fame is not easy. Celebrities are only human. Love is not easy either, but it is forever!" he wrote, adding that it was a private matter. 

The two were reportedly kicked out of a bar called Don't Tell Mama, but continued fighting on the street outside.

First off.  Awesome!  Second I have lots of thoughts here. In no particular order...

"oh ya bro, I bet you do hoss.  Come get it then"
- "Well its on than pussy.  I am going to fuck you up"
Punches thrown
"break it up "break it up"
"Fuck it lets go out side"
- "Id love to go outside, that way no one can stop it when I pound your ass in"(everyone looks at each other)

Also I can imagine that domestic violence among gays has be to prevalent cause technically there is no girl that needs to be protected by society's rules.  So anytime there is an argument it can be "go time."  I have fought my friends before when we have got into it real bad and there is no making someone mad like a domestic argument can, so it would seem it would come to blows (I slay me) pretty often.

Which brings me too, who gets in more trouble by the law for the domestic violence when two gay dudes fight?  The bigger one?  The one that takes it in the ass?  The tougher one?  The one that acts more masculine?  What if there was a huge dude that took it in the ass, and his partner is the more masculine one but tiny.  And they fought to a draw.  Who gets "the wife" treatment?

Like are there instances, in the more classic gay scenario, the smaller gay is a total queen and the bigger one is more masculine and the queen starts slapping the masculine one and the cops come and just say "Hey ma'am you can't slap your husband, if we have to come back here we may have to arrest you"  "Hey buddy can you not smoke in the house for the time being, your wife is upset and we dont want to drag you both downtown."

Or vice versa.  The cops show up and the little flaming one runs out of the screen door.  "He pushed me against the wall ahhhhhhh baaaaa ahhhhhh.  Dont you ever put your hands me you fucking ass hole ahhhh.  Officer he grabbed me be the wrists and pushed me against the wall and I hit my heeeaaaadd, ahhhhhhhh!"  Then the butch dude walks out and they cuff his ass and throw him to the ground and he is like, "Officer she threw coffee on me and stated hitting me with the mug I was trying to stop her"  Followed by, "Shut the fuck and stop resisting...You dont put your hands on a lady.  You here me? Your going to jail scum bag."

ahhh the gays such high comedy

-Les Anderson

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