Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why! why why why why....

Its not so much that god dislikes me, as it is him blatantly hating me, everything about me, and anything I have ever said or done.  It is the only explanation for stuff like this happening

Russel crow is getting own animated show on Fox and also getting his own talks how in FX

The untitled six-episode, half-hour series will premiere in the spring. The concept is still being tweaked but the taped show will feature Brand on stage in front of live audience, making commentary on a variety of topics from current events, politics and pop culture and interacting with audience members. “We’re very excited to add Russell Brand’s bracingly funny, original, and honest voice to the FX comedy line-up,” said FX’s EVP original programming Nick Grad. “We look forward to supporting Russell and his partner Troy Miller’s ambition to strip down the hosted comedy format to its most fundamental elements and to create something daring and unfiltered for the FX audience.” 

Its clear god (no more capitalizing his name around here) has drawn a line in the sand here and I'm one side and he is on the other, which I am more than happy with.  I'll stay on this side, with Rufio obviously, and he can stay on his side with Russel Brand, Dane Cook, Jerry Sandusky and whoever else he rolls with.  No amount of exposure and success could make me like Russell Brand.  If he becomes the new Nelson Mandela and universally loved I'll be the southern hate group leader, with 4 idiots and a dog in my crew, talking shit in lawn chairs around a unsupervised bonfire and some broken auto equipment.

Yes this all real fair

-Les Anderson

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