Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worlds Greatest Dad


A 52-year old Eagan, Minnesota, man was arrested and charged with fifth-degree domestic assault for responding to a a youth basketball tournament loss by grabbing his 13-ish year old son with one arm and repeatedly punching him in the face with the other. - With Leather

I cant fault the guy's fighting skills.  I once did something similar, with the hockey fight-ish move.  The move works best on a weaker opponent where they cant get their punching hand over the top and your punches are coming too fast.  Although the kid was my age and willing a opponent and not 13 and not my son.  So as much as the stories are the same they are different.

Also in sticking with what I said earlier.  Someone check this guy's hard drive and interview every kid he has been in contact with.

Speaking of the worlds greatest dad, its go time.  My computer or google blogger is not letting me upload YouTube videos so I cant offer you the actual clip so please accept this picture as the dry handjob it is

-Les Anderson

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