Friday, January 6, 2012

Bears promoted OL coach Mike Tice to offensive coordinator.

Tice has shown an outstanding touch in developing and maximizing raw talent up front, but the Bears -- ostensibly with memories of the "Randy Ratio" -- realize his limitations in game-planning. Tice will manage the running game while the Bears seek a second coach to pair with him as passing-game coordinator. At first glance, it seems Lovie Smith will return to a run-heavy attack, though Matt Forte's value could take a hit without the high reception totals that came with Mike Martz's offense. 
I would expect that Cutler will basically get to hand pick his passing game guru, although early word is that the recently fired Colts QB coach  is interested.

First, Martz, then Angelo, then Zambrano. This is a great week for all the garbage in the city to be taken out. See yourself to the curb Marion Barber and Alfonso Soriano.

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