Friday, January 13, 2012

Carlos Zambrano is adopting a child

Marlins pitcher and notorious hot head Carlos Zambrano may change the way you think about him. Big Z apparently is in Guatemala to finalize the adoption of a young boy. This is not a joke.

Zambrano is apparently quite the humanitarian and he actually traveled to Guatemala a few years ago with his church group to build houses for underprivileged families. He and his wife toured an orphanage called Esperanza de Vida — Hope of Life — where they met and connected with a young boy named Kenneth. The family has stayed in contact with the young boy ever since, and Big Z has been trying to adopt him.

Little Z??  I'm all for it. Anyone who can snap on a fielding error or a bad call isn't necessarily a bad guy. Fuck, half my little league coaches did the same thing. Of course, they were prone to beating their wives and kids so maybe thats a bad example. Either way good luck Little Z.  Dont kiss your dad like this....

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