Monday, January 30, 2012

Do I really need another reason to hate Carlos Boozer?

Keep your fucking family in line. Is that too much to ask Booze. Its not like I'm asking you to take a charge or play solid help defense here. Im just asking you to put one beating on your sons to help them remember its not ok to cheer for our biggest rival and only obstacle to a championship.

PS- Nice effort yesterday too. Its no wonder you only log 3 minutes of playing time on average in the 4th quarters this year. Meanwhile Taj is attacking the rim with authority every time he gets within ten feet of the hoop. D Wade still has an after-taste of Taj's dick from last years Game 1 of the conference finals dunk.

PPS- I think your wife's cheating on you, I can see it in her eyes, plus look at your ugly ass. Just doesn't make sense.

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