Friday, January 6, 2012

Exactly what I thought a Thai bar fight would be like

So Jeremy Renner is Thailand filming the next Bourne movie.  I guess he went out to the local watering hole with some people including his guide.  His guide ruffled more than few feathers when he dropped his glass, which everyone knows is akin to shitting on your mother's grave in Thailand.  For his behavior 6 guys/bouncers attacked him with clubs and home made axes.  Ole boy is the hospital with stomach woulds and severed neck tendons. (why anyone would drop a glass in Thailand Ill never know).  But no worries for Renner...

Full story

A spokeswoman for Renner, 40, who also played the lead in Oscar-winning Iraq war movie “The Hurt Locker”, denied media reports that the actor was hurt in the bloody incident in the Thai resort of Phuket early on Wednesday.
“Jeremy Renner was indeed in a bar in Phuket Thailand as a vicious attack on a patron took place but was not injured or involved. He exited as the fight took place,” Renner’s publicist said in a statement. [Reuters]

Looks like Mr Hollywood left in perfect condition, besides the clear violation of bro code.  I can't guarantee I was going to jump in and fight 6 guys with homemade axes for some dude I just met named Pho, but lets say I know my way around a Thai bar fight.  

-Les Anderson

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