Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In honor of the media blowing Blake Griffin's dunk last night: The 20 best dunks in NBA history

The alpha and the omega of NBA dunks is Vince Carter in the Olympics over a 7-footer Frederic Weis. There’s no discussion here, folks.
After No. 1, it’s all hazy and you can debate matters all you want. This Scottie Pippen dunk is pretty much a lock for the Top 5 due to the crowd reaction, the rivalry, the posturing and the power. But mostly, the studio gangster antics by Pippen after the slam.
Playoffs. Starks. MSG. In the face of Horace Grant with Jordan coming over. Leaning. Marv Albert. For me, this is a Top 5 dunk all-time, the kind of jam I’ll remember 25 years from now.
Michael Jordan’s had dozens of epic dunks, but was this his best? I like how he keeps elevating after Ewing has reached his highest point. Here’s the version with Marv Alberton the call.
From the playoffs last year, I really do think Taj Gibson’s monster 2-handed dunk on Wade is worthy of Top 10 placement in the annals of the NBA.
If we limited this post to dunks by the decade, Tom Chambers on Mark Jackson is a medalist in the 80s.
You could pick five or ten Shawn Kemp dunks, but I’ll ride with this one, which came on Alton Lister. Love how Kemp cradles the ball, then lands and points at the fallen tree. The pointing was very Jamie Foxx from In Living Color.
Speaking of cradling, this is an all-time classic. Top 10 all-time for the crowd reaction, Cooper ducking, Dr. J winding up, and the fact that it took place in the NBA Finals.
Griffin on Mozgov was filthy, but Mozgov doesn’t challenge it. He just stands there, unable to get his hands up quickly enough. I thought because Perkins leaped to contest Griffin, and the Clippers’ star was still able to throw it down in his face, Monday night’s dunk was better. I’d put Blake-on-Perk 20.
Vince Carter, when he could leap, was a bad, bad man.
Mourning also got put on a poster by Jordan. Who didn’t?
LeBron leaping over a shrimp? Very impressive. Would fall in the 15-20 range because Lucas had no idea LeBron was coming, nor did he make an attempt to thwart the dunk.
Still think this is LeBron’s best dunk.
Tracy McGrady, who was a fantastic dunker in his prime, put one down so savagely on Othello Harrington, the former Georgetown center was never heard from again.
Best dunk of Kobe’s career?
Kobe hung one on Nash, too. That’s a loud roar for a dunk on the road.
Ricky Davis using Steve Nash as a stepladder? Love this facial, and love how Davis lands and screams at the camera, “OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” I miss Ricky Davis.
Little guy-on-big guy dunks always deserve praise. This was back when CP3 had cartilage in his knees.
Kevin Johnson on Olajuwon, a legendary 90s dunk. Vocal home crowd + playoffs + Dick Enberg + Little Guy on Big Guy = Top 10 worthy.
For me, this Baron Davis dunk is the best little-on-big in NBA history. Straight on, against a larger, longer defender.

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  1. Technically...the first one isn't an "NBA" dunk....