Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This post is more to highlight John Parr than Tim Tebow

TBL-In 1985, John Parr took the world by storm with the song St. Elmo’s Fire (video below). Parr was a one-hit wonder who was irrelevant … until now! With the rise of Tim Tebow, everyone has a new chance at relevance, including Mr. Parr, who has rerecorded St. Elmo’s Fire as Tim Tebow’s Fire. This song originally appeared on ESPN in October, but I don’t even remember anyone telling me how angry they were about this back then; perhaps it appeared on First Take and nobody saw it. You can read the lyrics here.

Here’s the original. Sorry if you spend the rest of your afternoon dancing around your office while trying to cope with the responsibilities of impending adulthood.

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