Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ha Ha Haaaa

One of the lesser known facts about the much-ballyhood Facebook IPO is that it will almost certainly mean a billion dollar windfall for Bono. The Irish singer's investment vehicle, Elevation Partners, bought 1% of Facebook in 2009 for $90 million. If Facebook is eventually valued at $100 billion, as most analysts believe, that will make Bono's 1% worth a cool billion.

(I know here is where I make a joke about how something in my life is nothing at like his so lets just keep with the status quo.)

This reminds me of the time before I was a famous rockstar with a billion dollar investment arm when I used to eat canned plain cream of mushroom soup with a bunch of hot sauce(siracha of course), some peanuts in it, and some old packets of Pizza Hut parmigiana cheese on top for dinner.  Yep those were lean days way back in yesteryear. I wouldn't know what to think if thats how I was living today.  Glad those days are way way behind me.

-Les Anderson

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