Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kid loses game by scoring on the wrong basket

AA- Here, the hosts Norcross are taking on Charlotte Christian on the hardwood and trailing 57-56 with just a few seconds left.  We pick up the game with about twenty seconds left and the announcers talking about a Charlotte Christian player, Ryan Potocnik, going the wrong way and catching a break by the ball going out of bounds.  Evidently, the Charlotte Christian coaching staff didn't get him the memo about which basket he was supposed to be defending.  The Knights inbound the ball to Potocnik who then casually lays the ball in his own basket uncontested.  It actually takes a few seconds for the reality of what just happened to sink in with the announcers.  Norcross would sink two free throws at the other end to win the game 60-57.  It's one of the most bizarre clips you will ever see.

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