Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kylie Bisutti

Remember this chick?  She was cute as button and hot as a hot chick with a tight vagina.  She won the Victorias Secret modeling contest 3 years ago.  Well there is this.

"Victoria's Secret was my absolutely biggest goal in life, and it was all I ever wanted career-wise. I actually loved it while I was there, it was so much fun and I had a blast. But the more I was modeling lingerie, and lingerie isn't clothing, I just started becoming more uncomfortable with it because of my faith. I'm Christian, and reading the Bible more, I was becoming more convicted about it.

"My body should only be for my husband and it's just a sacred thing. I didn't really want to be that kind of role model for younger girls because I had a lot of younger Christian girls that were looking up to me and then thinking that it was okay for them to walk around and show their bodies in lingerie to guys. It was pretty crazy because I finally achieved my biggest dream, the dream that I always wanted, but when I finally got it, it wasn't all that I thought it would be. Especially being married I just wanted to keep my marriage sacred because divorce rates now in America are pretty high, and I just want to do everything I can to keep my marriage special."

If I didnt hate religion and politics enough already (and fat people but thats neither here nor there).  This is really confirming my disdain.


And the jackass this all being "saved" for

I mean if god exists I dare him, I fucking dare him to strike me down this second!


nothing huh?  I figured he was smart enough to know that leaving me be as is, is the real power move.

-Les Anderson


  1. hey faggot! you think god thinks like you do les the retard