Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New World Older is coming

The other scheduled guest was actress Sarah Michelle Gellar who happens to be a big New York Giants fan and during her interview, Dave decided to ask if she got a chance to meet Eli:
Letterman asked, "Did you get to see Eli backstage?"

"No, his security wouldn't let me near him. It was weird," said Gellar. "I was trying. I was like, 'No really, I'm just a big fan.' I think that's where I went wrong. 'I just want an autograph and a lock of his hair!' But they said 'no.' Awkward." - outside the box score

Ya no kidding you couldnt get near him.  If you got to close or touched him he would have freaked and beat everyone in reach to death with the first arm he ripped off.  I knew once they taught one of them to play football it would be game over.  Just wait till the first retarded RB or LB.  

They are smart

They are strong

And they are coming

-Les Anderson

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