Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rodney Harrison - GDI

“When we lost the Super Bowl, any of my Super Bowl losses, I was so devastated the last thing I ever wanted to do was party, let alone dance or take off your shirt,” he added. “It’s just immaturity. It’s not right. He made a mistake and I’m sure he feels absolutely stupid about it at this point. There’s a time and place for everything.” - Rodney Harrison

First off, Gronk was the prized recruit and is the future of this house.  We have all had sports disappointments in which we didnt rage balls to the wall after, and thats our misstep.  We didnt have the gusto/willpower/ fortitude to realize there is never a bad time to pop off.  It would be one thing if Gronk was some joker that doesnt leave it ton the field.  

On to my second point why is everyone so god damn confused on why your shirt comes off when you rage?  When you buttfuck parties you dont want to be wearing a shirt like a fat kid getting a hooker for the first time do you?   

Its reverse discrimination against ripped dudes.  No one ever questions when a big fat party animal takes his shirt off when he is pounding a pitcher of beer.  But when frat dudes in good shape (I know a double positive) do it, its Gay.  You know whats gay buddy?...You, when I tell girls behind your back you're gay.

Who would you rather be?


-Les Anderson

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