Tuesday, February 7, 2012

They're all the same

Thats Callie Rivers a former Florida Volleyball player.  She is Austin Rivers sister and Doc Rivers and is fucking this guy.

Dexter Strickland who plays for North Carolina.

You sister, mom, girlfriend they are being dicked down by some asshole who has the same intentions you do. I for one know whats on my my mind (fucking chicks) and whats not (wearing a condom), whats on my mind (cumming in her face) whats not (calling her again), whats on my mind (how to get her to leave) whats not (does she have cab fare).

Now this not the way we treat every girl but just know your sister and mom have taken it on the chin which is bad enough, but to have a daughter and know she is going to take many of them on the chin (eye, nose, ear, back, tits, etc) and probably by the time she is 15 has got to be a hell of prospect.

If you are the type of guy who likes to know whats coming his way regardless of how depressing, I suggest Middle School Confessions on HBO.  A true life documentary where, in just one of the many scenes mind you, a girl is telling everyone she likes giving blow jobs cause it is an way easy and a good way to get out of doing other stuff with guys because the guys dont ask to do more once they start getting blown.  Looks like she has it all figured it out.

what a difference a Y makes

-Les Anderson

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