Tuesday, March 27, 2012

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears president and CEO Ted Phillips told the Sun-Times that they’ve made running back Matt Forte a “strong offer” and hope that he’ll accept it.
“I think not only do we appreciate him and have told him so, but I think the offer we’ve made him shows that, too. Now, different people can disagree on the ultimate value,” Phillips said. “But we feel we’ve made a strong offer to him, and are still hopeful he accepts it.”
Phillips reiterated that Forte is their main running back, despite the fact that they just signed Michael Bush to a four-year deal.
“Matt Forte is our No. 1 running back. He’s been told that, and he knows that. We all know that. He’s going to be a Bear for 2012, at least,” Phillips said. “He knows he has a long-term offer on the table, and we hope, at some point and time, he chooses to accept that.”
Phillips denied rumors that Forte is on the trading block
What the fuck is going on these days.  I get that RBs dont have long term value.  Why cant people just take a whole new approach with top RBs.  This is my take, short contracts with a higher than current per year salary and higher % guaranteed.  Forte probably wants a 5 year deal for like 9-11 mill a year.  The Bears probably want to pay him 8 mil  Why not 3 years 30 million with 20 guaranteed.  That ways we are only really attached for 2 years and he gets deece money.  And after that if we dont need him, he probably goes to sign with another team for a 3 year deal for around 5 mil.  At worst he plays up to par and he makes 10 mil a year for 3 years which isnt that bad for a top back.  And if his production dips but isnt terrible, we just re sign him after 3 years to another short deal for the market value of his current production.
This is where it will eventually go, no need to be ever be married to a RB regardless of who he is.  But hey Im not as smart as the Vikings so maybe Im the idiot.
-Les Anderson

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