Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook bro? What do you think Pornhub is for?

Rhode Island freshman forward Jonathan Holton was arrested Tuesday and charged with two felony counts of video voyeurism for recording consensual sex and posting the videos on Facebook, according to the Providence Journal.
The report said that the alleged incidents took place on campus last fall, when the now 21-year-old Holton allegedly recorded two different sexual encounters and shared them on the social-networking site without the consent of either sexual partner.
According to the report, the female students involved complained to Division of Student Affairs on March 17 and campus police three days later. The newspaper said that they decided to report it after they were notified of the videos – which reportedly also were forwarded to 30 people – by friends. -  YardBarker

Cmon Man (Chris Charter voice).  How in the world did you think that was going to fly facebook?  How did you not think it would get back to the 2 girls who are obviously in your social circle.  Shit Im pretty sure I have mutual friends Dali Lama, which is awesome when he gets tagged in Vegas pics.  That guys goes HAM.  
Anyway if one of these girls is white, this clown will be in and out jail for the rest of his life.  At least he wasnt wearing a Hoodie.
www.pornhub.com.  For no good reason.  Go do you for a minute or two.
-Les Anderson

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