Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Met's Pitcher admits to being abused as a child

In his memoir, “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball” , Dickey details how he was abused as a child - Long Island Mets Fan

 He speaks of how he lived in abandoned houses as a teenager, and swam with alligators. Dickey realized sports was his way out.

Ok that all seems pretty pretty awesome so far.  Gators huh? weird someone got molested in Florida

 It was important to me to tell the truth, to be completely authentic. Sharing the pain I went through is part of the healing for me, a catharsis in many ways."

Hmm? Im not sure how much writing books make you but it doesnt seem like enough to talk about getting diddled.  On top of it this guy has baseball money.  I guess some people need attention regardless of how embarrassing it is.

Dickey didn't even disclose the sexual abuse he suffered as an 8 year old by his 17 year old female babysitter to his wife until they were married 8 years.

Ahh Ha!  Confessing abuse! How dare you?  He is just bragging about losing his V card at 8 to a 17 year old babysitter (ala Ali G).  Its basically the story behind every wet dream Ive ever had and it actually happened to him.  Well normally I call bullshit, but anything goes in Florida.

Christ if I was the victim of real sexual abuse Id put this CPU down right now and fly out to where ever this asshole is and teach him a thing or two about what sexual abuse is.  And that's other peoples dicks in places you don't want them not your dick in the warm comforting vag a nubile 17 year old babysitter.

Dickey has been able to heal from his difficult childhood, where at five years old he would close bars with his mother

This guy takes everything for granted.  I have nothing in common with my mom and have never really spent any quality time with her.  

Skip Bayless tell Kesha to scoot over 

-Les Anderson

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