Monday, April 30, 2012

God, Im jealous

skip to 2:35 mark

The bad news is, they caught the driver.

U of Iowa hasn't changed a bit ....brav-fucking-o

ABC – A self-described “plus sized” college student who was told she was “obviously pregnant” and “not pretty enough” to dance on a platform in a bar in Iowa is claiming she was discriminated against by the bar’s bouncers. Jordan Ramos, a 21-year-old University of Iowa student said she went to Union Bar in Iowa City, Iowa with her friends on March 3. She said she tried to get onto a platform where several of her friends were dancing, but was stopped by the bouncer. “What is the difference between the other girls up there and myself?” “There was only one difference: I am a plus-sized individual. The bouncer said ‘Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong,’” Ramos told ABC News. Ramos said a friend of hers tried to talk to the manager, but he refused to talk to her. The manager told them to leave, Ramos said. She sent the manager an email, which she says was never answered. A social work professor at the University of Iowa told Ramos to return to the bar. “She told my friends and I to go back and see if the same thing happens and to try to get them to say aloud ‘I am not allowing you up because of your size,’” Ramos said. On April 14, Ramos returned to the Union Bar with a group of friends. Ramos’ friends, who she said are all thin, were able to get up on the platform easily. But Ramos was blocked from entering, she said. Ramos asked the bouncer repeatedly why she could not dance on the platform. “He said, ‘You’re not pretty enough and you’re pregnant.’ I said, ‘I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that I am not pregnant.’ He then looked at my stomach and said, ‘You obviously are.’ They knew I was not pregnant; it was there way of calling me fat without having to actually say it,” Ramos said.

Sorry, bitch this ain't Kam's. Its the biggest bar in the big ten. So if you want to dance with your hot friends get with the Iowa City diet. Grab a straw , head to the basement of the bar and don't come up for air until you've lost 20, 50, 100 lbs. 

PS- The bouncer deserves a raise. 

Wayne Gretzky's daughter loves the freakin weekend

Spread eagle shots are so hot right now....spread eagle....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 29th Anniversary Lee Elia

My all time favorite sports tirade. Never gets old.

Thats Cubs baseball..... my fucking ass.

Here is a much better Chicago anthem...

1st RD of the draft in 111 seconds..

Tremendous! Tremendous! Bad Chris Berman humor. A handshake. Frothy Jon Gruden. Outstanding work by

Chicago has a terrible new theme anthem..

Someone over at Choose Chicago, the city’s tourism organization, got the bright idea to get Buddy Guy and the band Chicago—get it? get it?—together to record a “cool” new anthem to our fair city, to be played all over the world and get people to come here. They hipped it up by adding the lyrical masterminds in Umphrey’s McGee. The result,“Chicago,” is—well, it’s horrible.

Fuck us all....

Jesus, Ladies, the kitchen is that way...

Feminists always attack me for being a male chauvinist pig.   Wrong!    I’m just trying to protect you.   There is a reason why I think you should stay in the kitchen and bedroom.   This is it.   You start getting crazy and riding motorcycles and shit and only bad things can happen.      Like slamming your face directly into the cement.   Wouldn’t have happened if she was cooking somebody dinner instead.   Like I said I’m on your team ladies….

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love the Jersey Sports Fan...

I’m not ashamed to admit my motha woulda dropped her panties for Broadway Joe…
I know he’s technically a virgin but he’s still getting suckies and handies…I mean the guy…unless he’s really a sicko.

Which reptile video is sweeter?

This frog sitting on a bench like a human or.....
...What it looks like after a pregnant Anaconda gets run over?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BSS-To the naked eye, this video doesn’t seem to be a classic. No major knockouts. No serious one-punches. But the underlying nuances of this video makes it the quintessential World Star fight. Lets break this down frame by frame, moment by moment.
1) The whole crowd agree this would be a 1 on 1 fight and everyone from both teams yelling “SWANG! SWANG!” instructing them what to do is priceless. This is like Hoodrat Hunger Games. Two young girls coming of age in some sort of annual brawl.
2) This chick’s fro after having her hair yanked out:
Were you in a ghetto fight or did you get electrocuted? Looks like a piece of nappy broccoli.
3) The overall vibe of excitement and enjoyment is through the roof. People are straight up giddy at the thought of these to girls beating each other to death at the bus stop. People running around filming different angles. Cheering, yelling. The enthusiasm is palpable. Even Harriet Tubman on the right side has a front row seat:
4) This move at the 45 second mark:
Urban youths straight up love that stutter-step-with-the-bouncing-fists fighting stance. I have no idea if its effective or not because I’m a white boy who doesn’t fight but I do know I always see this move like they are inside the octagon or something.
5) This dude ripping some chick’s head off for breaking the 1-on-1 “no jump ins” rule and then body slamming her friend at the 1:20 mark:
Say what you want about these people but there’s a code in the streets. Organized chaos. The chick in the yellow going berserk during the scrum is priceless.
6) The dude who comes in ridin dirty at the 1:40 mark:
Best part is if you go back and watch the video he’s across the street watching the whole time. You just never notice him.
Ordinarily this would earn you the title of best cameo appearance in a ghetto fight video, except for
7) This white guy who comes strolling in at the end to break it up:
What the fuck is that guy thinking! Dude looks like he just finished his shift at Pacific Sunwear. Looks like he’s straight out of a Billabong catalog. What the fuck is this guy doing getting in this mix? Unreal. The icing on a ridiculously ghetto cake.

ESPN's MJ Commercial is solid

Old people make me laugh

PALM COAST, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol has charged a 76-year-old woman who drove her car through a busy Publix grocery store, injuring ten people, including a baby in a stroller.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Got Damn it, Coachella go away

-Les Anderson

This should be the last we speak about Coachella

Here is Camille Belle leaving something called the Neon Carnival at Coachella.  So there is girls that look like this at something called the Neon Carnival at an awesome music festival where drugs and free love seem all the rage?


Life - 1 Les - 0

-Les Anderson

Carly Craig

I guess she was Role Models, but I couldn't remember.  Maybe she is the one Stifler bangs on the camping

The moral is she has great ass.  Thats the correct use of the word moral right?

-Les Anderson

In punch to the gut news

These girls exist

-Les Anderson

Fucking Sluts, they're all the same

[Cowell] met the girl in a nightclub and smuggled her back to his hotel. Next day he woke to find her gone — taking his wallet and a laptop full of show secrets. Cowell’s team called in cops, who used security camera footage to trace the thieving girl. She agreed to return the computer — but kept the cash from his wallet. The robbery — after Cowell had downed too many vodka mixes at Drai’s nightclub in Hollywood — happened last October at a time of crisis in his career over The X Factor in the UK and US. 

Daaaaaaaamn! Same thing happened to me.  Instead of girl from a fancy night club it was a hooker at 7/11 and instead of a laptop with huge hollywood show secrets it was my debit card and $40 bucks.

Anyway, point being we all bleed red.  Truth

-Les Anderson

Sam Bradford, Coachella, Supermodel

Here is Sam Bradford with Supermodel Karlie Kloss and eyes that would lead me to believe he is not as big a nerd as I thought.

-Les Anderson

Well Played Hockey

Emma Andersson – wife of Red Wings C Henrik Zetterberg

Photo of Henrik Zetterberg's wife Emma Andersson

Carrie Underwood – wife of Nashville Predators C Mike Fisher (and country singer)

Photo of Carrie Underwood's legs

Gabrielle Velasquez – girlfriend of Blackhawks C Jonathan Toews

Photo of Jonathan Toews' girlfriend Gabrielle Velasquez

Tammy Plante – wife of Bruins winger Nathan Horton

Photo of Nathan Horton's wife Tammy Plante

Melanie Collins – girlfriend of Flyers winger Scottie Upshall (and sideline reporter for BTN and NBATV)

Photo of Melanie Collins in a bikini

Gina Luongo – wife of Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo

Kathryn Hurley – girlfriend of Bruins winger Tyler Seguin

Photo of Tyler Seguin's girlfriend

Kathy Leutner – reported girlfriend of Penguins C Sidney Crosby

Photo of Kathy Leutner

Jessica Welch – ex-wife of Kings winger Dustin Penner

Photo of Dustin Penner's ex-wife Jessica Welch

Brittany Carnegie – girlfriend of Bruins winger Milan Lucic

Photo of Milan Lucic's girlfriend Brittany Carnegie

Olivia Munn – ex-girlfriend of Rangers C Brad Richards

Photo of Olivia Munn in a red bikini

Naomi Starr – girlfriend of Bruins C DavidKrejci

Photo of Naomi Starr in a white bikini

Maria Kirilenko – girlfriend of Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin (and professional tennis player)

Photo of Maria Kirilenko on the beach

Katie Cassidy – girlfriend of Kings C Jarret Stoll (and actress)

Photo of Katie Cassidy in a hot dress

Lisa Hartnell – ex-wife of Flyers winger Scott Hartnell

Photo of Scott and Lisa Hartnell

Marie-Pier Morin – girlfriend of Rangers winger Brandon Prust

Photo of Marie-Pier Morin

Petra Volakova – wife of Devils winger Patrick Elias

Photo of Petra Volakova

Oksana Kondakova – girlfriend of Penguins C Evgeni Malkin

Photo of Evgeni Malkin's girlfriend

Inna Puhakkova – girlfriend of Flyers winger Jaromir Jagr

Photo of Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend Inna Puhajkova

Yevgeniya Bryzgalov – wife of Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov

Photo of Ilya Bryzgalov's wife Yevgeniya

Even though I dont watch a lot of hockey I respect the players mostly cause they
 fight and party.  You know who else fights and parties, Bros.  Hockey guys are
 bros, hence they fuck super hot chicks and are smart enough to bounce some
 troll they dated in high school (looking at you black guys).

- Thanks Its Always Sunny in Detroit for the pics

-Les Anderson