Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aint no money like fat suit money

Director Tyler Perry showed off his generous side by handing his billionaire pal Oprah Winfrey a luxury car after she fell in love with his vehicle. And his generosity didn't end there - when [Gayle] King called to thank him, he ordered another of the luxury motors for her.

King tells Vanity Fair magazine, "(Oprah admired the Bentley) so he sent her the same exact car. I called Tyler and told him how amazing that was because nobody ever does anything like that for her, on such a grand scale. And so, the next day when I got home, there was a Bentley in my driveway!"

Everyone knows fat suits will get you paid, ask Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Obviously Tyler Perry.  Shit Oprah never takes her's off and look how rich she is.  I swear problems between people of different races will never end, ever.  And fat suit comedy can be a microcosm to the oh so deep differences between different peoples.

Let that soak in...Knowledge.

-Les Anderson

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