Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BSS-To the naked eye, this video doesn’t seem to be a classic. No major knockouts. No serious one-punches. But the underlying nuances of this video makes it the quintessential World Star fight. Lets break this down frame by frame, moment by moment.
1) The whole crowd agree this would be a 1 on 1 fight and everyone from both teams yelling “SWANG! SWANG!” instructing them what to do is priceless. This is like Hoodrat Hunger Games. Two young girls coming of age in some sort of annual brawl.
2) This chick’s fro after having her hair yanked out:
Were you in a ghetto fight or did you get electrocuted? Looks like a piece of nappy broccoli.
3) The overall vibe of excitement and enjoyment is through the roof. People are straight up giddy at the thought of these to girls beating each other to death at the bus stop. People running around filming different angles. Cheering, yelling. The enthusiasm is palpable. Even Harriet Tubman on the right side has a front row seat:
4) This move at the 45 second mark:
Urban youths straight up love that stutter-step-with-the-bouncing-fists fighting stance. I have no idea if its effective or not because I’m a white boy who doesn’t fight but I do know I always see this move like they are inside the octagon or something.
5) This dude ripping some chick’s head off for breaking the 1-on-1 “no jump ins” rule and then body slamming her friend at the 1:20 mark:
Say what you want about these people but there’s a code in the streets. Organized chaos. The chick in the yellow going berserk during the scrum is priceless.
6) The dude who comes in ridin dirty at the 1:40 mark:
Best part is if you go back and watch the video he’s across the street watching the whole time. You just never notice him.
Ordinarily this would earn you the title of best cameo appearance in a ghetto fight video, except for
7) This white guy who comes strolling in at the end to break it up:
What the fuck is that guy thinking! Dude looks like he just finished his shift at Pacific Sunwear. Looks like he’s straight out of a Billabong catalog. What the fuck is this guy doing getting in this mix? Unreal. The icing on a ridiculously ghetto cake.

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