Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The guy keeps getting cooler by the day

I cant believe she was allowed to come down after the Beanstalk Treaty of '96

RG3 has challenged Britney "third leg" Griner to a Dunk Contest.  Griffin is 6'1 and change and Griner is 6'8 and a pees standing up.*

First the Griffdog doesnt hold a 2nd workout for the colts, cause why.  Now he is trying show people what most already know, Guys Rule and Girls Drool...cum

* Now some people will say thats mean.  But not crazy mean, think about telling a dude he plays like a girl, no big deal, just fellas pounding stones.  Its mean cause you're picking on a girl, which somehow proves a point I may or may be trying to make.

She should take getting called a dude a compliment cause basketball is something guys are good at.

If you made me dinner and I said "you cook as well as my wife" you would probably take it as compliment.  Unless you knew me and knew that I didnt have a wife, then you would get mad I lied.  But I don't have wife because Im so ugly. (runs out of the room) WHY COULDNT YOU JUST PLAY ALONG!

Just what every successful black man needs.  An average white chick.  God I like this guy

-Les Anderson

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