Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In not crazy Florida news

According to a police report filed by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, a man standing in line at the local Whataburger franchise had been “repeatedly chanting ‘War Eagle’” when a “brief argument” broke out between the man and two strangers in the restaurant. The argument ended with both of the strangers reportedly punching the presumed Auburn fan “near his left eye with a closed fist.”
Per the report, the alleged victim returned the punch, but the assailants fled on foot. One of the two stopped in the parking lot long enough, however, to also punch (in the face) a man sitting on top of a car hood. The second victim was the brother of a woman who had been with the first victim inside the Whataburger.
No arrests were reported as the assailants fled the scene. They did, however, pay for their transgressions by having to leave behind their Whataburger meals. -  CFB section

Well the guy deserved what he got and the punching of his buddy for good measure is also legit.  I miss college although I have no evidence these people go to college.  But I sure would like to punch some for antagonizing me, my school, or talking loudly in my general direction or even just within an earshot.  This whole ignoring drunks and avoiding trouble in the real world cause of the consequences is getting old as fuck.


-Les Anderson

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