Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Lions are back on weed


Nick Fairly and Mikel Leshore both got busted for weed this past week.  Mikel was eating it, cause thats what I would do to hide it, but it better have been a shitload to not get it down by the time cops came up the car.

As Bears fan I would love for the them to go way of the problems weed brought on former lions Mike Williams and Charles Rodgers.

Which brings me to a bigger question of how does weed fuck up their lives so bad, its barely a drug.  They have been smoking since Jr Hi, why is it making them so lazy now.  It must be weed and money or weed and time.   Cause I smoked a lot in high school and was pretty productive, probably cause I had rigid schedule and a super mean mom.  But I also smoked a lot (way way more) in college and was a total Charles Rogers but not fat (but thats a different drug post)

In conclusion I have no clue where this post even went and I apologize .

-Les Anderson

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